Monday, 25 February 2013


Due to the lack of historical and archeological evidence, there is no absoluteconsensus till date on what led to the disappearance of Buddhism from India.However, if we analyze all the contributing factors and arrange them in achronological order, we would realize that the whole sequence of events wasinitiated by the Buddhist monks when they had abandoned the community visitsand concentrated on their own salvation instead of helping the common peopleand oppressed classes to end their sufferings. As the lay devotees were ignored,Buddhism started losing the general support from the community. Subsequently,the Brahmins took advantage of this situation and deepened the rift between thecommon people and the Buddhist practitioners. They also manipulated thecontemporary rulers to withdraw their support from Buddhism and help inreviving the existing Brahmanism. This was followed by the revival of Hinduismand further decline of Buddhism 


  1. You have a point in your perception but being almost disappeared from the place where Buddhism was started there have to be something big accident for this to be happened.

  2. Having very less knowledge of Vedic sense is much resembling in your mis interpretation of Hinduism....rather quoting what great Nehru mentioned in his books you should have also included quotes of other international scholars who spoke about ancient Hinduism.
    Your blog is totally biased with very less understanding of Hinduism