Monday, 25 February 2013

Why did Buddhism disappear from South Asia? Brahmin atrocities that destroyed Buddhism in the Subcontinent

Many wonder why Buddhism disappeared from the Subcontinent but thrives in China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and in Sri Lanka. Many Hindus claim that Buddha was a Hindu God. Of courseBuddhists in China, Thailand and other countries and in India do not accept that doctrine. In fact Buddhism was hounded out of its birthplace.Prince Sidharta’s rejection of the hand of the illegitimate daughter had angered Vidudabha, son of Prasenadi, king of Koshala ostensibly because of their caste pride. They had withheld their legitimate daughters from the Prince. Hence began the war between Buddha and the Brahmans, and between Buddhism and Brahamanism.

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Due to the lack of historical and archeological evidence, there is no absoluteconsensus till date on what led to the disappearance of Buddhism from India.However, if we analyze all the contributing factors and arrange them in achronological order, we would realize that the whole sequence of events wasinitiated by the Buddhist monks when they had abandoned the community visitsand concentrated on their own salvation instead of helping the common peopleand oppressed classes to end their sufferings. As the lay devotees were ignored,Buddhism started losing the general support from the community. Subsequently,the Brahmins took advantage of this situation and deepened the rift between thecommon people and the Buddhist practitioners. They also manipulated thecontemporary rulers to withdraw their support from Buddhism and help inreviving the existing Brahmanism. This was followed by the revival of Hinduismand further decline of Buddhism 

How Adi Shankara destroyed Buddhism and founded ‘Hinduism’ in the 8th century

Why did Buddhism disappear from Bharat?
Jainism was in full swing in India prior to Hinduism. All royal people were influenced by Jain monks and there speech on ruthless Hindu Kshatriya or warrior dharma/religion of protection & offense. They highlighted the path of peace and salvation that could only be attained by Jainism.
The Brahmins performed a great Puja and earnestly prayed Lord Shiva to stop the progress of Jainism. According to aggressive Hindu beliefs Adi Shankaracharya was born. Regarding Shankaracharya it is said in at least one case he was not able to answer questions placed by a married woman regarding sex and he was not aware of sexual behaviors because being a Brahmin he was performing vrat of Brahmcharya where a person is supposed to fight back any sexual thoughts arising in mind. Hence his knowledge regarding sex was either zero or in infancy or very less as compared to sex indulged people of his age.